I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the high level of service we receive from the "Meshi Transport" company. This is reflected in the safety of the trip for the members of the organization as well as punctuality, operational flexibility for change, professionalism, cleanliness and vehicle safety. It is important to emphasize that the level of service, coordination and professionalism of "Meshi Transport" under Mr. Itzik’s management, was one of the highest in comparison to other transportation companies with which we operate. I recommend “Meshi Transport" as a leading and professional company in its field.
Benny Vaknin
CEO of the Ziv Neurim Foundation
I would like to express my appreciation for the services of Meshi Transport. For the past five years we have enjoyed excellent, safe and reliable transportation. Your kindness, your courtesy, your pleasantness and your sensitivity both to pupils and staff alike, the pleasant trips, the reliability and precision as well as your knowledge of the roads all testify to your professionalism and humanity. Your willingness to provide service in accordance with the organizations changing needs, sometimes with schedule changes on short notice - is commendable.
Avital Tayar
Principal of the Ort Netanya Boarding School

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